Thursday, January 15, 2015

Top Earth Augers of 2015

With ground-thaw just around the corner, I thought it'd be wise to share with you the top three earth augers of 2015.

In my expert opinion, I've chosen to list the top three in good, better, and best format.

First, I'll give the good:

GOOD: Earthquake 43cc One Man Earth Auger

The Earthquake E-43 one-man earth auger delivers outstanding power and a solid design that will have you drilling holes quicker.

It's great for building decks, installing fences, and many other outdoor projects.

The E-43 has a compact design. The 43cc Viper 2-cycle engine delivers powerful output, taking the work out of hard digging.

Whether it’s a deck, fencing, planting trees or installing a mailbox – you’re sure to find multiple uses around your property for this versatile machine from Earthquake.

The Viper engine starts with ease, thanks to a direct inject primer and choke system, and the wrap-around foam anti-vibration handlebar grips provide additional comfort while drilling.

One of the best features is its heavy-duty transmission with five ball-bearings, giving it the ability to hold its own against the toughest soils.

BETTER: Earthquake Dually 53cc 2-Cycle One- or Two-Man Earth Auger

The Earthquake Dually earth auger enables you to drill holes by yourself or with a partner. It's the first one/two-man gas-powered earth auger ever created.

The Dually handles incredibly well when operated by two people.

What sets it apart is that the Dually can also be run used by a single operator - a first for powered earth augers.

This Earthquake auger features unique job site handlebars that are specially shaped for its dual-purpose use.

It has throttle controls mounted on the handlebars in two different user positions, giving operators the versatility to control the unit from the position best suited for their individual use.

The handlebars are also virtually indestructible, and are formed into a protective cage that guards the engine on all sides.

The Earthquake Dually is powered by a high-RPM 52cc two-stroke Viper® Engine, so it has the power you need, whether working alone or with someone else to drill each hole faster. The Dually features a durable, five-bearing transmission and solid steel heat-treated alloy gears for added strength.

BEST: Earthquake 190cc Two-Man Earth Auger

The Earthquake 9800B two-man earth auger gets big jobs done faster and more reliably. They're designed for the very big jobs, able to tackle a wide range of soils and rip holes as large as 14 inches in diameter with exceptional control.

The 9800B is equipped with a 675 series Briggs & Stratton® engine, featuring low gear ratio to provide powerful torque and durability.

The 9800B will even remove rocks and stones that would stop most smaller earth augers.

They're perfect for landscaping businesses, some commercial applications, and any post hole digging or landscaping jobs where the soil is very hard or rocky.

The Earthquake 9800B earth auger comes equipped with anti-vibration handles providing multiple hand positions for a comfortable grip. This is ideal for any job that requires digging multiple holes, as it'll help to reduce the time needed and put less strain on your back.

These are perfect for building decks, installing fences, planting trees and shrubs, mailbox installations and many other projects.

For more information on earth augers, visit  TillersDirect's Earth Auger Buyer's Guide

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