Monday, June 2, 2014

5 Amazing Uses for Wood Chips

A wood chipper is a great way to break down timber and branches, but what do you do with the chips when you're done?

While some people throw the chips away, there are a few good uses for them that could save you money or even make you money.

Use or Sell as Mulch
Aside from selling large bags as mulch, you could use the chips as mulch on your own property instead of buying bags at the store. Depending on which you choose, you'll either make money or save money.

Show Some Generosity
If you've just finished running limbs through your chipper shredder and you simply want to get rid of the chips, try giving them away to friends, neighbors, family, or community service groups for use in flower beds and walkways.

Fuel for Wood Burning Furnaces
Wood chips can also be used in certain types of furnaces as fuel for heating your home in the winter. If people in your area use wood burning furnaces, you can donate or sell the chips to them.

Spice Up a BBQ Party
Using them in fire pits as kindling is an option, but soaking them in water and tossing them in the BBQ grill adds a great smoky flavor to ribs, sausage, chicken, and fish.

The Smell of Cedar
If they're cedar, you have even more possibilities. Cedar chips are often used for stuffing dog beds, lining guinea pig, hamster, and rabbit cages, and seasoning fireplaces to give off a nice aroma.

So next time you're putting away your chipper, don't just throw those chips away. They have so many other uses. If you can think of any other creative uses for wood chips, share in the comments below!

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