Monday, October 7, 2013

Using Log Splitters in the Winter

We all know that we would love to split our wood on a nice, clear day with a cool breeze. We all know that this will most likely never be the case. If you need to use your log splitter in the middle of the winter or in temperatures below proper operating temperature, here is what I recommend.

The log splitters will function below 41 degrees; however the functionality is decreased when operated in temperatures below 41 degrees.

It is recommended that in temperatures below 41 degrees that the splitter is allowed to warm before operation.

In temperature conditions below 10 degrees I recommend using electric log splitters inside. If you have a gas-operated splitter, you must use it outside. For these, you'll want to warm your gas splitter overnight by storing it inside. Otherwise, you could use an engine block heater to warm the oil chamber prior to use.

I do not recommended you use a different oil than what is recommended by the manufacturer. The best option is to put a magnetic block heater on the wood splitter when it is in storage so that the oil stays heated and will thin when you start it.

If it is really cold where you are using the splitter, just leave the magnetic heater on the splitter while using it. The reason you have to take these precautions to keep the log splitter warm is that when the temperature drops below 41 degrees, the hydraulic oil gets too thick. You may be tempted to change to a thinner oil, but doing so may put your log splitter at risk of overheating in summer months.

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